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What do you hope Camtasia 2022 brings?

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Here it is, my very first newsletter. Thank you for subscribing, although this list is small at this moment, it means a lot.

In less than two weeks' time (June 7), Camtasia 2022 releases and I intend to cover all there is to know about it - all the new features, changes, improvements, all of it. It has been delayed a little bit, it should have launched in April. Will it live to the expectations and bring some revolutionary stuff? I guess we'll find out soon.

On my YouTube channel, you will be able to watch a "What's new in Camtasia 2022" video, just like the one from last year, where I go through every single new feature I can find, comparing it to the previous ones.

I also plan on releasing a separate video for each notable feature, where I can explore it more in-depth with examples, why I would use it and where.

Finally, I might have a couple surprises in store, such as a giveaway of a free license or two for the shiny new Camtasia. Shh!

What are you hoping Camtasia 2022 brings? The feature requests forums are full of things the users want but I'm curious what would be the ONE feature that makes you want to upgrade. Let me know with a reply to this email.

Personally, I'm hoping for better animation features, maybe moving objects along a custom path or extended quick properties to allow customising more aspects. I'd love that.

Thanks for being here! I hope you find my emails useful and enjoyable. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

- Cristi

Cristi Cotovan aka Graphicious

I'm a video editor, content creator, YouTuber, passionate about Camtasia, Descript and lots of other software that helps me create great videos for myself and my clients. Thank you for joining me.

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